Monday, May 26, 2008


Wolfdogs can be a bit skittish around new objects and people, sometimes it takes them quite a while to warm up to someone or for them to get used to having something new introduced into their environment. This does not always make for an ideal pet as owners tend to get frustrated with their behavior. A true wolfdog parent is undertanding of this and gives them the space they need to gradually come around. It takes a lot of patience to raise one of these beautiful animals. They really do tend to be sweet-natured to their den family but a little wary of your friends. They see you as part of the pack. It is almost as though they feel the need to show the newcomers who the alpha is and to be sure their parents or someone in the pack remain the alpha in any given situation. Keep in mind too that percentage can make a big difference in how your pup behaves.

My mother and brother visited one afternoon. They walked into the backyard and Spirit started circling them. He also circled a couple of people that came to look at the puppies. He wasn't being aggressive, just watchful. On the other hand, my stepbrother approached and Spirit immediately lay down and rolled over showing his belly in submission. It is like he saw an alpha gene floating around over my stebrother's head or something.

Cheyenne is not usually very picky about who she associates with but she does, on occasion, withdraw. She dislikes my dad although she can be seen in the slideshow, calmly sitting in front of him. But, she is receptive to my friends and to people who came to pick out a puppy. She is a little shy at first but comes around pretty quick. Until now, I have never met a dog or child that did not like my dad.

Sundance is afraid of everything. A feather floated into the backyard one day, it scared the daylights out of him. I have dream catchers throughout my house and he gives them a lot of clearance when moving around them; they have feathers attached to them. He is afraid to jump to an elevated position or if he does make it, he is afraid to come down. He is afraid of the broom and the garbage truck but he will circle a snake and chase a squirrel. Go figure.

Sasha loves her mommy but it took a while for her to warm up to her daddy. Caesar has a great personality and gets along with everyone. Kuna looks like she is fine with everything. Cubby loves everyone and everything, especially the water bowl which she likes to play in. Last I heard from Charley Bleu and Lady Kit, they were getting along fine and loved the grandkids. I heard from Lilly soon after she went home with her new family and she was doing well. Have not heard from Libby in a while but she was a bit stubborn as a pup. It was her way or the highway. Sundance loves everybody but is afraid of objects. Sequoia is very friendly and does not seem skittish at all. Neeko greets everyone that comes through the door but, on a walk, gets nervous when people come out or an object appears, he wants to immediately return to his comfort zone, his den. Spirit loves to go for rides in the car, I can't get Sundance to go out the front door much less get in the car and it is a jump up, which he is not going to do, no way, no how.

The puppy personalities I mention here are very lucky to have the parents they have. We did good. Why you ask? Because first, they love their pup and second, they understand; these are not dogs, they are wolfdogs.

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