Saturday, May 17, 2008


Yayyyyyy! The swimming pool is out of the car, on the ground and filled with water. It is kind of small but we don't need much, just enough to cool down on the those hot summer days but where is the common courtesy among wolfdogs? Cheyenne and Sundance jump in here with their dirty paws. It is slowly becoming a mud bath. Why pay to go to a spa when you can have your very own mud bath for free. Maybe we can start charging. And mommy is now calling me a pigdog but hey, she left her breakfast on the end table, what is a wolfdog to do? She said she was not finished with it but around here, if you put something down, it is fair game. I assumed she was done, wrong apparently judging by the smack on the rump and the hollering I got. Hee hee, she doesn't know that I can't feel the smack on the backside, it is all hair down there. It will be our secret!


P.S. Mommy smells like scrambled egg.....and so do I lol.

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