Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Kuna and Cubby checked in today and I got to visit with Sequoia yesterday. I have updated pictures of Cubby here and will be receiving pictures of Kuna soon. Kuna was on vacation, went up north and into Canada, those should be great pics. Her mommy and daddy love her a lot and say she is great traveler and a very smart girl. Cubby is a silly little girl. She is the one that loves to play in her water bowl. I received a cute note from her mommy about a fountain they made for her, which she quickly destroyed and now have a big mud hole. It is a good thing her mommy and daddy love her. I got to see Sequoia yesterday. She was visiting with our friend Freedom. You can see his picture in the slideshow, handsome devil. We are hoping he becomes Sequoia's new boyfriend if you know what I mean. I will be adding more pictures to the slideshow so check back often. Hopefully people will start posting comments on the blog so we can share all the funny stories. I love to hear from everyone. I am thinking a family reunion is in our future. Let me know what you think of that idea and maybe we can start the planning process. I would like to see everybody together. Maybe a picnic or something.

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cubbylover said...

A family reunion sounds great!! I'm glad to hear everyone's having a great time with their babies as we are! Once you get around that stubborn streak they are the best. Cubby's gotten to the point of knowing our misdirections! (Example: I'm sure everyone's had their bundle bolt on them at one time, we open up the goody jar and she comes running back!)


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