Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A note from Spirit

Howl there! Spirit here. Very hot outside today and it seems overcast but I think that is due to all of the fires surrounding us. If you haven't heard, Florida is on fire again, not as bad as 1998 though, or so my mommy tells me. I have asked Aunt Lisa and Aunt Michele to send pictures of our dog friends, Freedom the Wolfdog, Kodiak the Yorkie, Phoebe and Lola the Chihuahuas. I have pictures of some of my kids to post. Have to get mommy to help me with that. The last I checked, we have pictures of Neeko, Kuna, Cubby, Sequoia, Cherokee, and Caesar. Mommy also has a bunch of other puppy pictures stored on her computer. Hopefully she will help me post those too.

Sundance and Cheyenne get really hot outside and they are hoping mommy will get us a pool like she did last year at this time. A small plastic pool is a great way to cool off on those hot summer days here in Florida. Maybe if grandma reads this, she will get us a pool, they are only 8 bucks at Wal*Mart. Somebody needs to get us a pool.

Well, it is time for mommies nap so that means naptime for us too. Talk to you soon. Keep checking back for more pictures of my pups, our friends and family.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love it, good luck on your Wolfdog Den. mom


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