Sunday, May 18, 2008


Cheyenne and Sierra are usually the best of friends and can co-habit very well without friction but, Sierra is not a wolfdog and she does not truly understand the heirarchy business about who the alpha female is in this pack. I am the alpha here but in my absence, the girls are still vying for that position and want to take charge.

If you have a wolfdog and a dog of another breed in your home, be sure to supervise feeding, especially when the aforementioned soup bone is in play. I made the mistake of trusting the girls to gnaw on their bones in peace and a fight erupted. No blood loss thank goodness but I was nearby and could hear the growling and was able to intervene quickly.

Another important note is.....if you have children in the home with any kind of dog, be it a wolfdog, chihuahua or labrador retriever, always make sure you can take food away from the dog without problem. A lot of injuries have been reported when a child tries to take food away from the dog. It is natural for a child to offer their cookie to a dog, then abruptly change their mind and want it back, make sure your dog understands the rules of this game so as not to hurt the child. The child needs to be recognized as the alpha in your home.

It is a good idea to start this practice when the dog is in its early developmental stages. Practice giving and taking.


P.S. Spirit says, "if you can't share it, you don't deserve to have it".

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HEY, this is a nice blog about dogs, it's very easy to read, my old eyes need that.


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