Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Hello, wolfdog here. Isn't it amazing the sounds your pet family become familiar with? They react to a knock on the door and the doorbell, even if it is not their door. They can hear it on the television and react to it. It seems as though mine know what the telephone ringing means; it means I am going to be busy talking on the phone and not paying attention to them. They pull out all the stops to regain my focus, I believe children are guilty of this too. No one has anything to say or is in need of anything until you get on the phone.

Then there is the microwave beep. Spirit will come and get me when he hears the microwave beep and, when feeding out a baby African Grey parrot in the past, the baby bird even knew what the microwave beep meant. Her little featherless body would scramble across the plastic box, eyes closed, beak in the air, knowing that sound heralded feeding time.

And what other sounds does your pet recognize? Think about it for a second; okay, your second is up.......the sound of kids walking home from school means they have to tear down the blinds to get a good look at them even though they know they are the same kids that walked by yesterday and the day before and the day before that, they are just wearing different clothes. How about the sound of the mail carrier truck? There are two things the mail carrier delivers; bills and junk mail, and we don't want either one of them. Oh, and the garbage truck, run for cover on that one. That thing is evil. If they knew what was in that truck, they wouldn't be so scared of it, they would have a field day in there, just think of all the discarded goodies. One man's garbage......well, you know how it goes.

Just remember, when the microwave beeps, you are not the only one concerned with what is in there.

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