Wednesday, May 28, 2008


If you own a wolfdog, you can identify with the stories told in the comments and posts on this blog. In my home, Spirit chewed up a Coke can and a few other items. Sundance helped the puppies from the second litter destroy my futon. He has gnawed on a very nice decorative wolf pillow that I own and someone chewed on a handmade Raggedy Ann doll that my mother made for me. Well, there is good news! I can trust Spirit in any room of the house now, I know he is not going to touch anything, unless of course, it is food. He is a sneak-eater. I have to be sure that we do not have any of those toxic foods in the house. Sometimes I forget to block Sundance's bedroom door with the baby gate. He wakes when he sees sunlight streaming through the window and he opens the door. Wow, the baby gate is not in the way. So he explores the rest of the house. The first time I heard him howling at my bedroom door, my heart froze. My first thought was, what in the world did he destroy. To my surprise and delight, he touched nothing. I was shocked but I still don't trust him.

Cheyenne on the other hand still eats everything. She figured out how to open the bathroom cabinets and helped herself to a brand new 300-pack of Q-tips. Q-tips are a lot of fun to throw around apparently. I am still picking up Q-tips. She has figured out how to open my closet doors and helped herself; she tried on some clothes, tried out several pairs of shoes and took out the luggage and looked at it. I guess she thought she was going on vacation. She doesn't know how close she came to getting there, anywhere but here. She also figured out how to climb the shelves and helped herself to some sweaters, beanies and stuffed animals. I have rustic bedroom furniture, the "distressed" kind; well, it wasn't distressed enough for her. And some of this was just in the last few months. I have resigned myself to the fact that she will not grow out of this. That, coupled with this insane desire she has to dig more dens makes for a very destructive wolfdog. I keep telling myself she must have had a good reason, just haven't figured out what it is yet. You gotta love 'em.

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