Friday, October 3, 2008


As I have mentioned before, I want to consume a raw food diet and also want my animals to do the same. I think it is the healthiest way to go and, today, I came across an interesting site about Himalayan goji juice. It talks about the benefits of Goji berries in humans and it got me to thinking about the benefits my dogs may receive from this. I already have Sundance and Spirit eating fresh fruit, they love it. I imagine they will like the berries as well. If they were in the wild, they would hunt for berries and small rodents to eat, it would be the natural thing to do. Just to be on the safe side, I googled if it was okay to give your dogs Goji berries and found it was not only okay but considered to be a great idea. I hope the person at the above-named blog will eventually write about the benefits of Goji berries in your pets diet as well; I know that they can help maintain the balance of a healthy immune system and also aid in prevention of infection and also illnesses that come with the natural aging process

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Presley is the Greatest American Dog. He is owned by a 29-year-old bartender who thanked the judges and his house mates, thanking them for the experience and for the things he learned. When Travis and Presley entered the contest, they were just a guy and a dog, now they are a guy with the Greatest American Dog. Presley’s owner won $250,000.00 and Presley won the title and a trophy that, according to Travis, weighed more than Presley did.

This last week of competition pitted Presley against a Maltese who, according to the judges, suffers from separation anxiety and a Border Collie mix who was trained to be obedient through rather stern command from their owner.

I am really glad Travis and Presley won, I think their relationship is adorable and Presley really does show a lot of potential.

Congratulations Presley and good luck with your new adventures as The Greatest American Dog.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I was blog surfing and came across this blog about funny stuffs and is called “Your Kind of Blog”. I found some great pictures on this blog and you really must see the “some amazing facts” post and the part about flu season and some very useful information regarding the flu. If you are a fan of the movie “300” and King Leonidas of Sparta, you will find some pretty funny photoshopped pictures of the main character involved in various activities.

This blog rose to a PR2 (google page rank) in a short amount of time and I would really like to know how they did that, I have had my blog since July and I am still PR0. I have heard that google is not happy with blogs that post for money but, if it is so bad, why is everyone doing it?

Give this blog a look, there are some interesting things contained within.

Friday, September 5, 2008


If you think your wolfdog/dog will not get into something because it is boxed up and on the shelf, you could be mistaken.

While out to dinner with my mother, I painfully remembered that I had not put Sundance’s baby gate in place. I figured something would be gone or tore up but not my organic peanut butter cookies. He ate the whole box, didn’t even leave me a crumb. Of course, had I known he was going to eat my cookies, I would have bought more while mom and I were at the store a few minutes ago but no………I already had some at home, or so I thought. The funny part is, I found the plastic insert with the slots that hold the cookies in place, and the white plastic that goes around that but I cannot find the box they came in. I can only assume he ate that too. Maybe he thought he could get rid of the evidence that way, who knows, but someone is going to be pooping cardboard and peanut butter for a few days.

I started hollering “who did this”, he came over to give me a big lick on the cheek which is how I know it was him, he reeked of peanut butter. This wolfdog didn’t pull the wool over my eyes. Again, my bad for not putting the baby gate up and not making sure everything is out of reach.

Monday, September 1, 2008


I take a lot of photographs of my wolfdogs and wind up storing them on my computer. This practice has a tendency to slow your computer down so I started looking for a better way to store and display my pictures. I vaguely remember digital photo frames where you had to manually change the picture but what I was really looking for was a way to display multiple photographs at once.

I visited the Digital Framez website and found exactly what I was looking for in a 10 inch digital photo frame. With one of these digital picture frames, you take your photos, plug in your SD memory card, play with the settings until you get your slideshow the way you want it, display it and leave it. When you are ready to add more photos, take your memory card, put it in your camera, snap away and repeat the above process.

I added a link to their website so you can see for yourself just how easy and convenient these frames are to use.


Saturday, August 30, 2008


I am seriously considering feeding my wolfdogs a raw food diet. I have done a lot of research on this and it sounds like the best, healthiest and safest way to feed my dogs. I know we are going to go through a transition and I know all about the bacteria that lurks around on raw meat and such so I will be checking with my vet prior to taking off on this venture. I will also be taking great care when preparing their food to avoid any unnecessary stomach upset. I don’t know about you but, when my doggies don’t feel good, it saddens me. Poor things, they can’t really tell you how they feel but I do know my dogs well enough to recognize when something is not right in their world, or their belly, whichever the case may be.

The question that is being raised most often is “will this make my wolfdogs vicious?” I can safely say that this will not make them vicious. I researched that very carefully as well. The neighbors can be safe in the knowledge that my wolfdogs are not going to suddenly start scouting the neighborhood for their next kill; first off, they are very well contained. They are not going to look at the pit on the street behind us and wonder if, between them, they can take it down or drool over the little poodle next door and think it would make a yummy appetizer. I wish no harm to my neighborhood of pets or their owners for that matter and this will not be an issue.

My biggest concern is the transition period and the cost. I have always prided myself on doing whatever is necessary for my pets’ health and safety and even though this could wind up costing more, especially in the beginning, I think it will be much healthier for them in the long run and, I will keep looking for bargains.

Here are some links that answer a lot of the questions that are going through your mind right now. There is a great e-book about this. Please visit these sites for more info.

The following links are taken from Aleesha's Raw Life

Raw dog food made easy
BARF for beginners
Sample home feeding tips
Weekly sample feeding schedule for adult dogs
How will they get their calcium
A calculator to determine how much to feed


There is immediate need for help in removing pets from the path of Hurricane Gustav. I just read an update that says Gustav is now a Hurricane category 4 with winds up to 145 miles per hour. Hanna is fast on its tail and could hit this area that was devastated by Katrina 3 years ago.

The pets in and around the Louisiana/Mississippi area are in need of transport. These pets are being housed currently at shelters throughout and need to be moved so that following the danger, pets can be brought in to local shelters and provided with care and lots of love in the hopes of soon finding their owners or new owners that will give them a good life.

Refrigerated trucks are needed as well as other vehicles of transport. There is a need for dog crates, food and medical supplies.

If you are a trucker and wish to help, make sure you mention the blog posts from the blog site. Payment has been mentioned if you tell them you responded to the blog posts.

For those of you who wish to volunteer your time and much needed energy, please make your way to the areas listed in this blog, some items will be provided but plan on being self-sufficient including the possibility of having to sleep in your car or vehicle.

Monetary donations are always appreciated and information is available at

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