Saturday, August 30, 2008


There is immediate need for help in removing pets from the path of Hurricane Gustav. I just read an update that says Gustav is now a Hurricane category 4 with winds up to 145 miles per hour. Hanna is fast on its tail and could hit this area that was devastated by Katrina 3 years ago.

The pets in and around the Louisiana/Mississippi area are in need of transport. These pets are being housed currently at shelters throughout and need to be moved so that following the danger, pets can be brought in to local shelters and provided with care and lots of love in the hopes of soon finding their owners or new owners that will give them a good life.

Refrigerated trucks are needed as well as other vehicles of transport. There is a need for dog crates, food and medical supplies.

If you are a trucker and wish to help, make sure you mention the blog posts from the blog site. Payment has been mentioned if you tell them you responded to the blog posts.

For those of you who wish to volunteer your time and much needed energy, please make your way to the areas listed in this blog, some items will be provided but plan on being self-sufficient including the possibility of having to sleep in your car or vehicle.

Monetary donations are always appreciated and information is available at

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I have enjoyed my visit to your site. I like this article about helping to get the animals out of danger and how to help. I don't live in that area but we know flooding since we had 60 inches of rain up here on the mountain the first year we were here. Have a friend in Louisiana during Katrina as well. She came through it alright I guess. Still gets depressed sometimes due to things not being right there yet.

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