Thursday, August 21, 2008


I was away for a while today, even though Tropical Storm Fay was all over us and it was raining everywhere, I felt the need to get out of the house and, before I can’t leave the house due to flooding that may occur in my area, I decided to go up to Ormond and visit my dad and stepmom.

The first thing I noticed upon my return was that Sundance was loose, I had forgot to put the baby gate up. The second thing I noticed was an empty box of Chocolate Hemp Milk laying on the floor, empty, every last drop was gone. I looked at the ingredients to be sure there was nothing in it that would hurt them and did see where it contained cocoa powder but felt it was not enough to do any harm, as long as they shared it equally between them, like good little boys.

I know it had to be Sundance because every time something gets eaten or destroyed, he is loose. Spirit can stay in here and not touch anything, no matter how tempting. The time I came home and found 8 double rolls of toilet paper all over the house, Sundance was loose. The time I came home and found the garbage can had somehow fallen over and garbage was strewn all over my house where someone had rifled through it, Sundance was loose. There have been other instances that do not immediately come to mind but on every occasion, I had forgotten to put up the baby gate and Sundance was loose. He tried to get up in my lap and kiss the pain away because, let’s face it, that chocolate hemp milk is not cheap, it is as if he had drank a bottle of very expensive Champagne when he could have had some cheap wine. When I told my mother, she became hysterical and couldn’t stop laughing, she knows how expensive it is and even took up for them saying it was my fault for leaving it out where they could reach it. I buy that stuff and sip it a little at a time savoring the flavor, rolling it around on my tongue like fine wine. I am thinking he dove right in and slurped it all up without actually tasting it, he and Spirit together. The reason I know they both got into it is both of their muzzles and lips were sticky and had a slight hint of hemp chocolaty goodness on them. But, I guarantee you it was Sundance that instigated it, he looked the guiltiest and…….he was loose. My bad!


cubbylover said...

Quinn used to put his plate on the table then go back into the kitchen & get a drink. After Cubby watched him day after day doing this, she finally decided to make her move. As Quinn was heading back to get his drink, she snuck over to his plate & gingerly snatched a head of broccoli! We were all surprised she didn't go for the steak!! Go figure!

Wolfdog said...

She is a good girl! Eat the healthy stuff.

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