Friday, August 1, 2008


Several posts ago, I wrote about an aggressive dog study (click here to read). Some of the results surprised me but with all the bad hype about pitbulls, I was not as surprised to see them on that top 10 list. Breed Specific Legislation is being passed in some parts of the country and what this means is, certain breeds are being banned. I took a test to see if I could spot the pitbull here. To be perfectly honest with you, it took me my 12th to 13th try to "spot" the pitbull. This is very embarrassing to me since I grew up with a pitbull named "Clyde" and an Uncle of mine raised another pitbull named "Tiger". It is shocking how many dogs look and have certain characteristics of a pitbull and can be easily confused for one. Both of the above-mentioned pitbulls were pretty good dogs, especially Clyde who was a big baby.

Pitbulls are on the list of banned breed specific dogs. I feel bad for the people who have a "pit-like" dog that is being taken away from them because it meets certain criteria and is mistaken for a pitbull. Not only are the owners of a much-loved pitbull losing a member of their family but others are losing their dogs as well due to the inability to prove, for instance, dogs without papers, lack of pitbull heritage. I can't imagine being one of these people that is losing what to me would be one of my children and especially if there is a huge mistake being made and you have no way of proving it.

Now, I raise wolfdogs, another breed that is banned in some areas. In addition, there has not been enough testing done to determine if a rabies vaccination really works on a wolfdog. What does that mean? If one shows up at the pound, it is immediately put down because of this factor alone. How wolfdogs got a bad rap, I have no idea. I have three who could not be more loving and sweet-natured. The only thing that is hard to explain is their skittish behavior toward new people, sights and sounds. They take a long while to warm up but once they do, "look out" because they could be accused of licking you to death.

If you would like to know more about this test mentioned above, please visit this site. I have read through it a little bit and find it to be a very interesting site with good reading and information.



cubbylover said...

I could have sworn #24 was the pit bull!!

Wolfdog said...

Thanks for taking the test Grace, I was shocked that I did so bad.

Sophie said...

To be fair there's some really lousy photos - a scale would be useful

Failed with the argetinian thing which can't be a million miles away(?)

un sex shop said...

In my opinion one and all should browse on this.

muebles en badajoz said...

So, I do not really suppose this is likely to work.

Anonymous said...

That test is a bad indicator, the Pitbull shown is not a fully grown dog whereas the others are and it's head is angled away from the camera so you can't see the shape properly. This test is not a good indicator of whether you can spot a Pit!


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