Thursday, August 21, 2008


Tropical Storm Fay is making its way slowly through Florida, back and forth it goes with strong winds and lots of rainfall. There are multiple flood areas across the state, especially in the Brevard area.

If at all possible, keep your pets inside or on a leash while outside, do not let them get away from you. This kind of weather scares our pet friends and they may make a mad dash away from you so a leash is necessary.

Do not allow them to play in the flood water or drink any standing water. I know that animals have a tendency to drink water wherever they can get it but this water is very, very dirty. It is filled with bacteria not to mention snakes and bugs, and in some areas, alligators. In addition, there is the risk of electric shock.

You should not be in this flood water and neither should your pets. If it is a necessity that you and your pets make your way through flood water, any areas of the body that have touched this dirty water should be cleansed with soap and water.

Keep you and your pet family safe.


cubbylover said...

But we love splashing in puddles!! I comb Cubby nightly & bath her every Sunday...she should be OK! HEEHEEHEE

Wolfdog said...

Has she been doing the crocodile roll? I bet she has been having a good time


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