Friday, August 22, 2008


For a bit of wimsy, check out Finding my happy place, one blog post at a time. I knew upon entry to her blog that I was in for a bit of fun. First of all, she has a really cute flip-flop header, has a joke about a Louisiana farmer that made me lol, and she has some informative bits in there too; things like Google page rank which is on everyone’s mind right now, Google has recently spanked people for sponsoring posts, then she has some info about acne, baby bedding, fat burners, and paella pans.

I checked out the YouTube video, that guy really does have pretty eyes and it is a great song.

Be sure and take a look at the older posts, she has a section in there about Thursday Thirteen where you can list 13 things about anything you want and can be featured on the site. It is like a spin-off of “100 things” whatever. It is a short-list so to speak.

Visit her blog, it is both fun and informative.


rarcntv said...

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Wolfdog said...

Your little linky thing worked, thanks a bunch and thanks for commenting.

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