Friday, August 15, 2008


If you live in Florida, you are keeping a close eye on the weather. There are storms out in the Atlantic that are projected to take several different paths and all of them look like we will, at the least, get a lot of bad weather which could power us down. Make sure you have your bad weather plans in place. If you are staying at home and have animals, make sure you have a gallon of water per day per animal and some for the humans too. I like to fill my bathtub, I can give the dogs water from that and flush the toilet with it. I also like to fill my washing machine tub with water. I always clean the tubs well prior to filling.

If you plan on heading for the hills, then please check out for pet-friendly shelters and hotels.

In addition, check your hurricane kits and make sure you have fresh batteries for your radio and flashlights.

If you plan on using a generator to power up some of your appliances, make sure you move the generator out of the garage area, do not keep the generator in an enclosed space, it can be deadly. Remember, be careful and keep you and your pets safe.


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