Friday, August 22, 2008


If you have read earlier posts, you will know that Sundance is afraid of virtually everything. I believe he is no longer afraid of frogs as evidenced by the one he carried into the house with him just a little bit ago. It was just kind of hanging out of his mouth. Once I got him to drop it, I had to chase the hopping little thing all over the house before I managed to get him back outside to safety.

Sundance has had to learn patience and how to pee in standing water. Due to Tropical Storm Fay, we have an abundance of water in our backyard and all of the critters out there are now on the same "ground" as the dogs are. I guess he decided he might as well play along and "play" he did. I am happy to announce that the frog is okay this time around. Let us hope that Sundance doesn't lose his fear of snakes and befriend one of those. If that happens, I will have to finally give the house to the dogs, pack my things and leave. I have a horrible fear of snakes and many other critters, is it any wonder my wolfdog is afraid of everything too?



cubbylover said...

Ever since the abundance of rain we've had about a million little green frogs show up. Cubby NEVER wants to come inside now-unless a frog jumps in the house! And forget taking a walk now! I just let her go & she runs like an idiot down one swale & up the other until her heart's content!! When she's done she trots over to me like, "Did you see me??" I need to move somewhere where it rains all the time!!

Wolfdog said...

Cubby is such a treat in your life and I am so happy she has you guys.


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