Thursday, May 15, 2008

Is that Garlic I smell?

Hey, I smell garlic. Wonder where that is coming from.

Mommy bought us a pool, a bright blue one although I can't really tell what color it is as I am color-blind but she tells me it is blue. I have to trust her on this.

We were left alone again today. Mommy had some appointments. This time she took grandma with her so I think I know where the garlic is coming from. They always visit a place called 100% Italian. Yep, there is a doggie bag coming through the door although no doggie is going to see that bag. We might get a piece of garlic bread if we sit nice and beg properly.

Sundance tells me that mommy spoke with Uncle Wayne today. He has a window in his bedroom and he can see everything if he peeks through the blinds. Uncle Wayne is our good neighbor. He loves dogs. He asked if we were the ones barking the other night. Wasn't us, we don't bark.

Oh good, the AC has been turned on, time for a nap, howl at ya later.


P.S. Mommy has spaghetti breath.

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