Friday, May 30, 2008


Spirit here. Getting started late today, mommy took lunch to Aunt Lisa's house. I hate when she does that, nothing to pilfer. And she had the nerve to come back here with "Yorkie" breath; yep, she pet and kissed a Yorkie, our cousin Kodiak. Gonna try to get a picture of him, he is like a spot compared to the rest of us. I think mommy is planning on going to dog night at Ritter's. Aunt Lisa and Aunt Michele want to go. I heard her talking on the phone about giving Sundance a bath which means he is going to dog night. I didn't even get asked if I wanted a bath. That's okay, I didn't want one anyway, I like this grayish-brown color I have become. It is tough being a white dog, seems like everything sticks to your fur. Speaking of fur, Cheyenne is shedding like crazy right now, it is coming out in clumps. The dustbuster has been busy. Sundance doesn't like that thing either. Come to think of it, Sundance doesn't like much of anything. Well, time for another nap, enjoy the picture of one of my pups trying to sneak some dog food. Like father, like son.

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