Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Grace, Cubby's mommy, has given me permission to post an e-mail she sent to me with more detail about Cubby's fountain experience. Please enjoy, it is hysterical.

You know how Cubby LOVES water, right? Well, this year we decided to make a 'fountain' for her in the back. Which consists of a kiddy pool buried in the ground and held in place by 50 lb rocks with a filter to recirculate the water (so she could play with the jetting water) It took 1 day to create...30 minutes to destroy!! She played & splashed & dug joyfully in the water until she realized it was a little black box making the water move! She tore the filter to shreds (careful to not touch the actual machine-which she picked up gently with her mouth & threw over the fence sputtering) MOVED 2 rocks (YES, 50 LB ROCKS!!) yanked & pulled the pool out of the ground and proceeded to bite it all over. Basically the pool holds no more water...but she's got a new digging hole that's a lot cooler than the one in the forest (because it's full of muddy water!) I'll have to get a picture of the wreckage for you. I wish I took a picture of the finished product, but who knew it would be destroyed so quickly! HAHAHAHAHA! I attached some new pictures for you as well!! I'm reading the site saying how cautious wolf/dogs are and I'm thinking perhaps I got the puppy that's ALL dog!! Cubby is beyond bold! She fearlessly goes romping ahead whenever we go somewhere new! Loves meeting new people & animals. Doesn't understand why not EVERYBODY wants to play with her! HAHAHAHAHA!! She has no fear of anything. We climbed the jetty rocks and she was right there with us bounding away! When she sees a person she considers NOT a friend, she barks once then assumes the position. Which is feet planted shoulder width apart and lowers her head and stares. Quite intimidating if you didn't know she's a goofball!!

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