Saturday, July 19, 2008


Howl everyone! The date for the next Dog Night at Ritter's Frozen Custard is August 4th, which is a Monday. Ritter's holds this event the first Monday of every month, between 6 and 10 p.m. Come and join us! The dogs get a free bowl of ice cream topped with a tasty dog biscuit. Yummy! Even though it should be my turn to go, I think mommy is taking Sundance again because I have seen her try and get him into the car, practicing for the big event. If he would just jump into the car, he could go more places like I do. As you know, many drive-through windows have pet friendly people manning them and they are always shoving something in your face; for instance, I have had a munchkin, a chicken tender, a couple of dog biscuits and an ice cream of my very own. He won't even jump into the car for his favorite "cookie". We can't say that word out loud here as he gets very excited when he hears the word "cookie".

That is it for now. As the 4th of August approaches, I will send out some reminder posts and see who all might be attending. Mommy loves to see you there. Enjoy the picture of Cheyenne and her grandpa.


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