Saturday, July 26, 2008


The reason for tomorrow's picnic is two-fold; first of all it is going to be great to see everyone again and second, we are exposing Cherokee to more people in the hopes of giving her comfort in the knowledge that we love her. Wolfdogs tend to like staying within themself and their immediate pack and the comfortable surroundings of their den. When at a vet's office, you may notice other dogs sniffing each other; that is their way of saying hello and memorizing scents. They give off a tremendous amount of body language and, for the most part, it is friendly. Wolfdogs sit and observe, they are not as quick to go up and "sniff" someone else. This leads people to incorrectly assume they are not nice and some may think they have been mistreated. They are different and require a lot of socializing. I noticed when we were at Ritter's for dog night, Sundance was not as open and happy to meet people as he had been in the past and that is my fault for not continuing to expose him to people and socialize him. Cubby on the other hand has never met a stranger, she could be the poster dog for a campaign on helping people to understand how gentle and sweet these animals can be. I am hoping for some really good pictures tomorrow; some with Cherokee being touched and hugged by someone other than her immediate pack family. If it does not work out, we will try again, sometimes these things take time and patience. One must have a lot of patience when owning a wolfdog. Enjoy this picture of Cherokee and her new toy. To see more great pictures and read some informative articles, check out wolfdogqueen's blog by clicking here.


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