Sunday, June 29, 2008


Wolfdog here. Do your dogs sleep with you or is it the other way around, they let you sleep with them? I am allowed to sleep on the bed, a small portion of it. Then there is the struggle regarding who sleeps nearest to the warm body, that being me. When I had my schnauzer, Bentley, he slept with me at the head of the bed. Then I rescued Sierra who took over that spot and curves herself in position against my body, then stretches out pushing me over to the edge. Bentley was "allowed" to sleep at my feet. Sierra took over the bed. Then along came Spirit. Sierra and Bentley did not like having him on the bed at all because he was too big and took up too much space. Besides, he wiggles too much. He has to get up, turn around, sniff, and then lay down, then repeat all of that again until we would all get mad and send him to the living room. After Bentley passed away, it was just me and Sierra on the bed. Then I brought Cheyenne home. Oh my goodness. You would think that I was doing Sierra the most horrible injustice by allowing Cheyenne on the bed. Cheyenne is bigger and can push harder so she usually gets up around my head which of course sends Sierra into a tailspin. She sits beside us and stares. That is it, just sits and stares, boring a hole right through to the core of your being, and it burns. Not much sleep happening there. So, finally Cheyenne gets the hint and moves down to my feet. Spirit on the other hand is still too restless and is in the living room, again. Then Spirit and Cheyenne had puppies. That was the last straw as far as Sierra is concerned. But, she need not worry, the puppy that I kept is afraid to climb up onto the bed and, if he ever got up there, he would never be able to get down without help from his granny. I am talking about Sundance. He is able, however, to get up on the couch. It took a while but he accomplished it. Now, he and Spirit struggle over who is going to sit next to me on the couch while I am trying to watch TV. The sounds they make while carrying out this struggle is awful, a lot of howling and growling going on, so much so that listening to the TV is next to impossible. Not to mention that their struggle somehow occurs right in front of my face and on parts of my body, they use me as leverage against each other. Throw an old sock in there for good measure and you have a real struggle going on, not only are they trying to be the one that sits next to me but they are trying to be the winner of the sock as well. So, whether it is in the bed or on the couch, someone wants to be next to you. Does it feel good for your dogs to spar over who gets the best position in your house, it sure does. Enjoy the picture of some of the pups trying to get into my lap. I feel loved.

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cubbylover said...

I've been told that my body temperature is that of an oven when I'm asleep plus I toss & turn too much for Cubby to stay on the bed any longer than to lick us goodnight & hop down to her bed (which at this point I think is just for show because she'd rather sleep on the cool floor of the bathroom!) Although, when my husband leaves for work in the morning, she sleeps with Quinn either lengthwise right next to him or curled up by his feet with his mob of stuffed animals. It's SO cute!


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