Monday, June 16, 2008


Hey there, hope all of you dads out there had a great Father's Day. I was remiss in not putting up a Happy Father's Day message. Sorry about that. For my father's day, I got to go bye-bye's in the car, got a new bone to gnaw on and mommy gave me some great hugging and scratching. I even got a massage. Ahhhh.

The inspirational juices are not flowing right now, I need stories so I can post them. Any day now, we are hoping to get some new photos of Kuna on vacation and Cherokee has a funny banana-eating photo coming soon. As far as we know, Sequoia is doing well, due on or around August 3, dog night at Ritter's is always the first Monday of the month so it will fall on July 7 next month. I guess Cubby is doing okay, have not heard from her in a while, the silly girl, she is always up to something.

Hey, Neeko does not like his feet messed with, anybody else out there have this problem? Sundance does not like it when mommy tickles the hair between his toes, he jerks around like he is having a seizure or something.

And, I don't know if you are all aware of this or not but wolves and some wolfdogs groom themselves. I have trimmed my claws on occasion and have helped Sundance trim his, we trim the hair out of each other's ears and such. It is really neat to be able to do that. I kind of over-did it once and stripped my beautiful tail down to nothing. It looks much better now, mommy says it is a very handsome tail.

Hope you have a good week and let us hear from you soon.

Love to all, Spirit.


Cubbylover said...

Happy father's day Spirit! Love, your goofy daughter, Cubby

Wolfdog said...

That was so sweet, thank you so much Cubby. Love, daddy. said...

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