Thursday, June 26, 2008


When I was growing up, we had a german shepherd named "Ginger". I grew up with two older brothers, "Mark" and "Steve". Mom mentioned that Ginger was very lovable, that she would have to step over her in the kitchen, step over her when she got out of bed and so on, the dog was always around her. Well, apparently she loved my brother Steve too. We know that because she would get excited and wag her tail whenever he would return in the middle of the night, climbing back through the window he would sneak out of. My mother always knew when he would sneak out because of that tell-tale thump (pardon the puns). I think it was her way of getting revenge on us. We used to blame things on her; like a broken window, a crack in the glass on the heater door, things like that. I don't remember what happened to the window, I think one of us was banging on it to get back in the house after the others had locked us out, but we were having a rubberband fight when we hit the glass on the heater door and it cracked it. Of course the dog did it. Remember, if you sneak out and then back in again, your dog is going to herald your return with a boisterous wag of the tail, maybe some whining, real body language that is hard to miss by others. Can your dog get you in trouble? I think so.


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